“Health care Modern technologies are not expensive and but very effective”, that is considered at Aryana Health Care Foundation

Aryana Health Care Foundation comments while smiling: "Healthcare is a specific area. Healthcare and advanced technologies appear to be unique symbiosis, overgrown with lots of myths that we regularly contradict. "

The first of them sounds something like this - "suchNew technologies, modern developments in medicine are so expensive that it is not available to ordinary people, only the richest living on the planet can afford such luxury." The statement does not have a basis, because updates occur regularly. Annually, numerous know-how are introduced, methods, formats and approaches are improved. The personnel of the hospital is trained, improving their qualifications and services.

The second common myth - the use of new technological advances is unsafe. As you know, in order to "release" the development, for example, a medical tool or a new drug, there antedates a multilevel long-term testing. And only after confirming the efficiency and safety for patients, the novelty receives a "green light" for use.

The third myth states - ancient methods worked better, our ancestors knew more than we do now. It is not surprising; this delusion is often found among wealthy and educated people. However, fortunately, it happens very rarely.

The spread of such myths is fraught with the fact that many people who need help refuse to resort to.

Julia Hashemieh, Bobby Sarnevesht, Javad Zolfagahri have a strong belief that advanced technologies are called upon to help and improve people's quality of life. 


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Santa Clara, CA (May 26, 2017) - Aryana Health Care Foundation (AHCF), has partnered with BAASC to support ongoing efforts to provide health care to indigent populations within Northern California.

BAASC provides an online medical retail solution for clinics, groups and hospitals. This new partnership allows supporters of AHCF easy access to high quality and affordable health care products. BAASC will donate 10% of the profit of each sale toward the ongoing efforts of AHCF to provide free or low cost medical care.

The initial product offering focuses on benefiting patients undergoing orthopedic total joint procedures and podiatry patients. These patients, that would typically search for products online or in stores, will now be offered products through the AHCF online store. The product catalog will continue to grow to include pain management, plastic surgery, spine and gynecology patients in the near future.

"We are very excited to be able to partner with such a great foundation as Aryana Health. Not only do we believe in their mission, but this is also a great example of how partnering can make a huge impact in our community," said BAASC founder Barbara Roth.

Individuals can help support this effort to provide medical care to those around us by purchasing medical products from AHCF.EasyDME.com or donating directly at AryanaHealthCareFoundation.org.

About Aryana Health Care Foundation:

AHCF's mission is to provide free or low cost medical care to the indigent population within Northern California with the most advanced, innovative and comprehensive health care available in a compassionate and caring environment.

About BAASC:

BAASC is a consulting and management company providing online medical retail solution that focuses on increasing patient satisfaction in ASC’s , clinics, medical groups and hospitals.

Latest and the Most Cutting-Edge Health Care Technologies Help to Provide Efficient and Cost-Effective Service

The healthcare technological uptick, happened during the recent decades, opened new horizons in curing diseases that were considered as a verdict. With more people having access to the health care benefits, the number of patients and the profit inflow to the industry growth. However, while cutting-edge healthcare technologies aim to increase the effectiveness of the modern standards of cure, they inevitably lead to the multiply of costs and expenses that, paradoxically, make the technology itself less accessible. The industry is perplexed with the question of how health care technologies can provide users with quality-effective services that will also be cost-effective. Nonetheless, despite the apparent need of the affordable solutions, we should keep in mind that the price is only an issue of time frames. But, instead of looking for the price effectiveness that satisfy the basic needs of the industry, we should focus on how to make these topnotch solutions more accessible for people.  

Talking about topnotch and future today, we should mention one of the promising realms for healthcare development that is Virtual Reality (VR). The VR industry exponentially develops. It is heading various routes. Though the entertaining branch remains the most known for the public and becomes more and more affordable, the challenges that VR accomplishes in medical industry are outstanding. The VR can offer the amended reality possibilities that can find its appliance in the rehabilitation of the paraplegic patients. These technologies are developing brain-machine interface that can benefit partial recovery in patients with chronic paraplegia. The other project that goes ahead of its time creates the interactive 3D views of CAT scans that expand doctor’s abilities to isolate the disease more accurately. That gives surgeons a deeper understanding of what they will be working with and gives them more chances for “practice” because 3D model helps to work with the tissues and organs as with the real physical objects. And these are only the doorstep of what this technology can potentially open for the common use.

Adopting latest technologies is crucial for the liability of the healthcare system as a whole. The healthcare industry has no place for any compromising solutions as there are human lives are at stake. That is why here in Aryana Health Care Foundation we try to make new health care technologies ideas come true. Julia Hashemieh, Bobby Sarnevesht, and Javad Zolfagahri, the founders of Aryana Health Care Foundation, believe that helping to make world a better place is the cornerstone of their work and, therefore, everything that can be done - will be done. Even though these technologies remain unavailable or partly unavailable for the general use because of the implementing price, the situation can alter dramatically in the nearest future and, we will witness how these futuristic ideas become part of our everyday lives.


To help or not to help? A question not asked at Aryana Health Care Foundation

People should help each other, should be kind and appreciating, do you share the point?

These are the very concepts our multifaceted and dynamic world reposes on, and owing to the presence of these man traits, we can confidently watch to the future.

Based on the principles like, many years ago Julia Hashemieh, Bobby Sarnevesht, Javad Zolfagahri, decided to create an organization whose main purpose, subsequently, would be to help people in California who arehard up. So Aryana Health Care Foundation was established.

Being in the system of global economic changes and political transformations, more often people feel loneliness, emotional, spiritual and physical one. It is difficult to imagine what a person feels like, left alone with his problem similar to illness or a financial collapse.

Moreover, it is extremely important to understand and know in that kind of minute that you are not alone and there are people who are ready to help you free of charge and sincerely. Not only by word, but also by deed.

There exists an unscientific assumption that the belief of a person in kind things and amiability helps him feeling much better and getting earliest recovery. Aryana Health Care Foundation is convinced that confidence and security help people recover and reassume themselves, no less than medical treatment. And, no words of gratitude can convey the emotions and depth in their eyes of people who were helped, who once again felt all the beauty and power of life!